Lackluster is perhaps the best description for Lexus' hybrid offerings thus far, with the RX 450h and HS 250h returning unimpressive efficiency and high prices. The 2011 CT 200h aims to change that with a starting price of $29,995 including delivery.

At 42 mpg combined EPA-rated fuel economy, the CT 200h is off to a much better start than the HS 250h (35 mpg) and the RX 450h (30 mpg). Its just-under-$30,000 price point also makes it relatively attractive, though we can't say the same for the ho-hum styling or the often awkward "darker side of green" marketing campaign.

Full pricing details and options packages are yet to be released, as is the standard equipment you can expect for the entry price. For more about the 2011 CT 200h, click here.