Over the past 12 months or so Volkswagen has unveiled three all-electric taxi concept vehicles based around its Up small car platform. These included the previous Berlin and Milano Taxi concepts, and now this new London Taxi.

While the cars themselves are nothing to rave about, the possibility that they could be entering production and heading to a major metropolitan near you certainly is. According to a new report, Volkswagen is “deeply” considering putting its electric taxi concepts into production by 2013 as a pre-emptive move to take advantage of future legislation that will force drivers in congested urban environments to switch to low or zero emissions vehicles.

The information was revealed by Volkswagen exec Klaus Bischoff who spoke recently with Autocar. He explained that the Up-based electric taxi concepts were ideally suited for intended purpose thanks to a 180 mile range and a quick one-hour charge time.

Other details of the concept include dimensions of 12.3 feet in length, 5.4 feet in width and a height of 5.24 feet. Drive comes from an electric motor rated at 114 horsepower and top speed is an estimated 75 mph. The only downside is that only two passengers can sit in its rear seats.

The good news is that even if the electric Up doesn’t go into production as a taxi, a consumer version is already confirmed to hit showrooms in 2013. For more details check out our previous story by clicking here.