2011 MINI Cooper

2011 MINI Cooper

With the release of models like the Clubman and new Countryman crossover, there are fears that the MINI brand is treading away from what its very name reflects, mini cars. Heck, even its smallest model, the MINI Cooper hatch is nearly double the size of the original 1960s models, an issue BMW development chief Klaus Draeger pointed out recently.

Not to worry as MINI is reportedly planning a new concept car for next month’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show, a ‘mini’ MINI of sorts, which is expected to preview a new model smaller than anything we’ve seen before. The information was revealed by MINI brand boss Wolfgang Armbrecht, who spoke recently with Financial Times Deutschland.

''We have always been motivated by the idea to build a small spacious car,'' he said.

He went on to explain that this will be a preview of the next major idea from MINI and that we should be keeping an eye out on the matter over the coming months.

Before the arrival of any new mini from MINI, however, we’ll see both coupe and roadster versions hit showrooms. Previewed in concept form at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, the new MINI coupe is expected to be launched towards the end of next year, with the roadster to follow in early 2012. 

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