• Ferrari owner attacks cab driver in Las Vegas

    A heated argument turns into a fight on a hot summer day in Las Vegas when a cab driver allegedly rear ends a Ferrari F430 Spyder. The driver of the Ferrari is understandably upset but goes too far when taunted by the cab driver, eventually striking out and hitting him. The cab driver breaks down and starts crying but continues to get attacked by the angry Ferrari driver. What’s surprising is that no one proceed to offer any assistance. The mayhem was captured on video by an onlooker, but before you go and hit play we must warn you that there are plenty of profanities contained in the...

  • Sabine Schmitz
    BMW M5 And Sabine Schmitz Retired From Ring-Taxi Duty

    One of the Nurburgring Nordschleife’s living legends, ‘Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz, will no longer be offering enthusiasts the chance to ride shotgun with her in a BMW M5 around the famous German circuit as she, along with the current BMW M5 ‘Ring Taxi’, are retiring from...

  • 2010 Volkswagen Taxi Concept
    Report: Volkswagen Considering Production Of Electric Up Taxi Concept

    Over the past 12 months or so Volkswagen has unveiled three all-electric taxi concept vehicles based around its Up small car platform. These included the previous Berlin and Milano Taxi concepts, and now this new London Taxi. While the cars themselves are nothing to rave about, the possibility that...

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