Illustration of Jaguar face on a Land Rover Evoque

Illustration of Jaguar face on a Land Rover Evoque

A Jaguar crossover/SUV? Isn't that what Land Rover is for? Apparently not, according to a new report out today. Instead, Jaguar may go its own way into the crossover market and "stop being a saloon-based company," according to Jag's global brand director Adrian Hallmark.

Hallmark, recently poached from Saab, also says all-wheel drive sedans are in the works, along with a wagon version of the XF. Those we can get behind--especially an XF-R or XF Supercharged wagon--but the crossover/SUV plans? What gives?

Sales, sales, sales. Or at least that's the subtext. Stepping outside the niche realm and closer to the mainstream means more sales and more profits, no doubt a high priority for corporate overlords at the Tata Group, which has invested billions in Jaguar-Land Rover without much in the way of return as yet.

We have a very hard time envisioning a crossover or SUV with the proportions and design cues of a Jaguar sedan. We have an even harder time understanding how a Jaguar soft-roader wouldn't step on the toes of sister company Land Rover or its slicker Range Rover variants.

File this one under, "we certainly hope not, but it's possible," for the time being. We'll keep you posted should things get more formal.