When you think of sweet-sounding V-10s, the natural tendency is to think of Lamborghinis, or perhaps the Dodge Viper, though tend to find its (brilliant) engine to sound a bit truck-like despite its face-stretching performance. But one car you probably don't think of is BMW's M6. That should change.

Equipped with an Eisenmann race exhaust, the V-10-powered M6 in this video from e90post forum user DoctaM3 puts the car firmly in our exhaust porn keeper collection. Sadly, the end of the current-gen M5/M6 has brought with it the end of BMW's V-10 production, meaning we'll have to rely on the small stock of existing cars for future auditory joy of the BMW V-10 variety.

Have a listen for yourself, particularly the sound of fall-off on deceleration, and let us know if you agree below.