Back in 2009 we brought you a preview of what a grand touring coupe based on the Porsche Panamera platform might look like, and last week reports surfaced that Porsche might be looking at sharing tech with Bentley. Today those two ideas come together in a new interview with Porsche chief Matthias Mueller.

The news isn't all that new, but the idea of a successor to the 928 is always enticing, regardless of how likely or unlikely it may be for actual production. That likelihood is still fairly low, by the way, though Porsche is keeping the door open as a response to competitive brands.

Sharing tech with Bentley could further pry that door open, if a two-door variant of the Panamera platform should find a home with that brand as well. Parts purchasing and architecture sharing could benefit from economies of scale, though the benefit would mostly flow toward Bentley as the marque's volumes won't contribute much if anything to cost reduction for Porsche.

What do you think of Porsche's looming integration within VW Group brands? Can it be done while preserving Porsche's (remaining) purity, or will it lead to yet more deviations from the uniquely designed, classically styled sports cars of the past?