Powerful, efficient, and with curves to garner an R-rating, the Porsche 918 Spyder made the leap from technology show horse to production in an eye-blink. Now we have a look at what may be the production model courtesy of Porsche itself.

A clay design model, released as part of an announcement of a $200 million investment in its development center in Baden-Wuerttemberg, shows us the first look at what may eventually become the stuff of new Porsche legend. From what we can see in the image, it's remarkably close to the concept, right down to the side-outlet exhaust, though it appears to have one fat tube instead of two smaller ones tucked into the opening.

Slight changes can also be found at the rear of the door, made flush with the rear fender area instead of recessed as in the concept, likely in the name of aerodynamics. The same can be found at the front fenders, which flare upward less to make a smoother joint with the nose.

Check out the photo for yourself to see if you can spot any other differences, and let us know in the comments below.