The latest rumor on the automotive interwebs is that the Audi Quattro is headed to production, tending to confirm earlier reports of the same. The source this time? A lucky enthusiast and Jalopnik follower that caught the concept out on a test run.

The same information was reported back in October just after the Paris Auto Show. That information came with some deeper speculation, including the mechanical basis for the car and a rough price estimate.

According to the previous report, the Quattro may be headed to limited production via ItalDesign.

If built, the production Quattro would be close to, but not exactly like, the concept shown. Using the mechanical underpinnings from the RS5 simplifies the drivetrain, but the aluminum and carbon fiber body will need to be made production ready, even for the limited volumes it will see.

As for how many would be built? Speculation currently runs in the 200-500 unit range. Pricing is expected to stay below $140,000--steep, indeed, but considering the heritage, performance, and exclusivity, probably right on the mark.

We'll have to see what eventually rolls out of ItalDesign's Milan line to know the final specs for sure, but weight for the production car is expected to check in below 2,860 pounds--a virtual featherweight in the realm of modern production performance cars. Paired with power from the turbo 2.5-liter five-pot around 350 horses, the car could live up to the legend, and even advance it a bit. Especially once the aftermarket gets hold of it.

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