Rehashing an iconic vehicle from the past is tricky business, but the team behind the New Stratos have more than succeeded. Built around a shortened, tweaked Ferrari F430 chassis, the car lives up to its legend--and now it finally lives with its owner, who took delivery of the car this week.

Pininfarina gets the credit for developing the car, a two-year project born of the passion of father and son duo Michael and Maximilian Stoschek. According to the official site, following the official delivery ceremony, "The following morning, the time has come: the New Stratos sets course for its new home – and although the highway isn’t the racecar’s preferred territory, it delivers some real driving pleasure right off the bat, on the first entry ramp."

With the car delivered, you'd expect all of the New Stratos' details to be laid bare, but you'd be wrong. The technical specs performance, and at least four other aspects of the project remain "redacted" from the New Stratos site.

The official press unveiling is due in two weeks at the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, France.

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