Screencap from THE COMMUTER

Screencap from THE COMMUTER

You'd think there's be more shenanigans afoot in the celeb world, what with Halloween weekend approaching. But no, our feed reader is quiet, and our appeal to Brit-Brit and Lilo clearly fell on deaf ears. Or unconscious ears. Take your pick.

But all isn't lost. Surely you don't think we'd leave you without a timewaster on Friday? Of course we wouldn't.

And so, behold: "The Commuter", a new short film featuring Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Charles Dance, Pamela Anderson, and one very, very beautiful Lotus Evora.

Even better/crazier: the entire thing was shot on a mobile phone. Not kidding: the Nokia N8. There's clearly a little postproduction going on in the saturation department, but otherwise: damn.