Can't keep your thumbs off your iPhone while you're driving? Tend to get too many speeding tickets? Cobra may have your answer: a radar detector that uses your iPhone for a multifunctional display.

Aside from killing your bad behind-the-wheel texting habits, it can help keep you sharp when driving through speed trap territory, just like any other radar detector. And by joining forces with the iPhone, it can give detailed readouts on speed, presence of redlight cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections in addition to offering visual alerts.

It even keeps a history of alerts received on the phone, and allows you to control the detector's settings from within the app.

Cobra IRadar detector for iPhone and iPod Touch

Cobra IRadar detector for iPhone and iPod Touch

Cobra claims the iRadar Detector, as it's called, can detect all radar and laser guns in full 360-degree coverage. For those times when you'd rather not hook your iPhone to the detector, it works in standalone mode, too, though you'll lose some of the phone-dependent features. As for how well the detector works, we'll have to get one in our hands to bring you the full story.

Check it out at Cobra's site, and let us know what you think about the idea in the comments below.