Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

We have a theory, and the theory is this: reality shows make people crazy.

Of course, some people have a head start. Like that nutjob, Seth Caro, from Just Desserts -- the dude who lost it over some ridonk paper cups? He was good length or two ahead of the crazy train.

Other people go loopy after the cameras have been rolling. At first, they're shy and self-conscious, but inevitably, they cross over. A couple of weeks in and they're all, like, "Yeah, okay, I'll take off my top in front of the camera! Woo!" -- promptly forgetting that those clips have a way of finding their way to the internet. And like the Hallmark card says: the internet is forever.

Another example: on the recent season opener for the Really Desperate Stepford Housewives of Atlanta, when Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes hopped in the back of an SUV, still toting their glasses of Franzia Chardonnay. Which is illegal in Georgia, whether or not the cameras are rolling.

Now, okay, maybe that was a hired car, which would make sipping hooch in a moving car okay, but since Bravo and Mr. Andy Cohen ain't talking, we're not taking any bets.

Then again, are we really expecting the Real Housewives to be role models? Dang, maybe we're the crazy ones.

[Fox via Marty]