If you've got the cash to buy 150 classic muscle cars and house them in an immense garage, you ought to have the cash to pay the sales tax on them, right? Not if you're Mark Pieloch, according to Nebraska authorities. Pieloch has been arrested for "felony willful avoidance of sales tax" on more than 100 cars.

The Nebraska State Patrol executed search warrants on Pieloch's collection today, digging into his business, a building in Syracuse, NE, and his home. A warrant for Pieloch's arrest has also been issued.

As always in America, Pieloch is presumed innocent until proven otherwise, but Nebraska investigators say they have a drum-tight case against him. Pieloch may be looking to jump through a loophole exempting cars from sales tax in South Dakota, though Nebraska law requires payment of sales tax on vehicles stored by South Dakota residents within Nebraska's borders.

Pieloch is expected to turn himself in when he returns to Nebraska.

[KETV via ConcoursBlog]