Mark Salling and Naya Rivera

Mark Salling and Naya Rivera

Are you familiar with Naya Rivera? If you watched Glee, you'd probably recognize her as one of the cheerleaders -- or "cheerios", in Jane Lynch lingo. Fabulous Jane Lynch lingo.

We almost vaguely sort of remember her, but can you keep a secret? We stopped watching Glee months ago, despite the fabulous Jane Lynch lingo. That's totally on the DL, obvs. Bottom line: we're just going to have to take entertainment journalists at their word when they say that Rivera is on the show.

Anyway, according to those journos, Ms. Rivera was romantically linked to another Glee-ster, Mark Salling, whom we do remember because he figured prominently in the show's first season, back when we were still watching. But Salling seems to have had a much more casual view of the relationship than Rivera, because H-town is a-Twitter with news that Rivera has egged and keyed Salling's Lexus in a fit of jealous (and possibly drunken) rage.

We knew they played high schoolers on TV, but y'all, we had no idea they were really in high school.