The next generation of Hyundai's Equus, Genesis Sedan and Genesis Coupe will get all-wheel drive according to CEO John Krafcik, revealed at today's Equus drive event. The move is no doubt intended to put Hyundai on equal footing with its luxury rivals like BMW, Cadillac, and Audi, all of which offer all-wheel drive versions of their most popular sedans and coupes.

It's perhaps unsurprising as well, with the rate at which Hyundai has been improving its vehicle lineup. From the Genesis to the Sonata and now the Equus, Hyundai is stepping up its game in every segment, building its brand into a luxury marque despite the name stigma along the way.

No further details on the all-wheel drive system were announced, but we'd expect it to follow suit with other luxury manufacturers, being offered primarily as an all-weather package on the Genesis Sedan and Equus, paired with an automatic or dual-clutch gearbox only. The Genesis Coupe could receive a performance version a la Audi's S5, though it could also take the Infiniti G37x Coupe route and offer it as a more luxurious package with all-weather capability.

Whatever the plan for all-wheel drive at Hyundai, it's sure to be an interesting set of launches when the next generation comes around. The Genesis Sedan and Coupe, launched in 2008 and 2009 respectively, won't likely be due for a complete overhaul until 2013 or later. The Equus, on the market in Korea since 2009, will likely get its next major update a year or two after the Genesis range.