Here's another odd looking concept (don't they usually look odd?) with a twist. It's your basic 3D CAD rendering with a nice, realistic looking background, convincing lighting and texture effects. What makes this one unique is its complete lack of doors and windows. The only way to enter or exit appears to be a sliding canopy over the driving compartment. Also lacking are front and rear windshields. The driver must rely on cameras and video displays to observe the vehicle's surroundings (read: see the road).

With the steady increase of driver assistance technology showing up in modern cars, one might think this is what we have to look forward to. Cars that do all the seeing, thinking, decision-making and maneuvering for us. We'll just close ourselves in an isolated little compartment, comfy and cozy, completely oblivious to what's going on outside. Maybe so, but I doubt it. Looking through glass with our own eyes makes a whole lot of sense, and it has worked for the last hundred years. There are some safety and reliability issues there too.  Judging by the reactions of the commenters over at DVICE, there is some serious concern among skeptics as well. The point is, the capability is available, it's just not entirely practical for a passenger car.

That being said, designer John Villarreal has envisioned a pretty cool, if not far-fetched machine here. So let's indulge him. After all, it's a concept car! The vision system would consist of a wrap-around screen contained within the enclosed driver/passenger compartment. This could conceivably eliminate some very pesky blind spots. Night vision cameras could be used to improve viability at night. Not a bad idea!

Not to be outdone by other supercars of the future, it will be given a 923hp, twin turbocharged V12 power plant (of course?). Its structure will consist of aluminum and carbon fiber. It will do a quarter mile in 10.7 seconds and top out at 217 mph. As pointed out by DVICE writer Kevin Hall, it most certainly does look like something Batman would drive. Oh, and, it's name - "Automotive Concept". There you have it.

[Auto Motto via DVICE]

[Image Credit: John Villarreal]