First wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia on U.S. soil

First wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia on U.S. soil

It’s hard to believe that in the past 90 days there have been a total of nine wrecked 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia supercars, or about one every ten days. The latest is the first to take place on U.S. soil and it appears to be because of an engine fire, a fate suffered by two other examples.

It occurred late yesterday in Costa Mesa, California and thankfully no one was injured in the incident. While the owner of the car will most likely receive a brand new example straight from the factory, less affluent enthusiasts hoping to pick up a used 458 several years down the track are the ones that are really hurt as the fewer cars available will surely send prices up.

Furthermore, who knows how many other wrecked examples are out there that we don’t know about--or how many more will come.

Follow the jump below to see more images of this sorry looking Ferrari, as well as its eight similar fated siblings. You can also check out Nelson Ireson’s First Drive report of the new 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia by clicking here.

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