The "Bufalino"concept car is basically a loft apartment on wheels. It packs all you need to survive in a tiny little space. It's not for everyone, but those who can manage to be exceptionally creative with the space can dwell quite comfortably within its small footprint. I'd call it a motorized tent - fully featured.

Designer Cornelius Comanns set out to give explorers the opportunity to wander off the beaten path, see the sights and experience their surroundings from the comfort of a mobile campsite (with minimal environmental impact). The small, flexible vehicle provides campers with lots of freedom to wander beyond the reaches of the big RVs we're used to. Inside, the Bufalino is nicely equipped, with a bed for a single person (or maybe two small ones), two seats, cooking and storage areas, even a water tank and refrigerator. There are plenty of ways to keep your gear nicely organized and safe from the elements. The limited space of the three-wheeled chassis has been cleverly adapted into what appears to be a rather comfortable living space - especially when you compare it to a plain old tent.

Comanns just might have something here. I'm a fan of regular old camping - sleeping in tents on the hard ground, washing clothes and dishes in a river, and cooking over a fire. However, the idea of having a comfy little dwelling place, up above the cold, soggy ground, with no need to mess with poles and stakes and tarps that never seem to fit back in the bag, seems rather appealing. The charter bus sized RV's we've all seen cruising down the highway just don't seem like they could bring you quite as close to nature as this little guy could. I like it, and I think people would buy it. And most importantly, it looks great in plaid!

[Design Boom via DVICE]

[Image Credit: Cornelius Comanns]