The setting: GM's Milford Proving Grounds test track. The players: former F1 pilot turned NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya and a Corvette ZR1. The result: lots of fast driving, some opposite lock, and a few backhanded compliments.

While Montoya does have a lot of good to say about America's supercar, almost all of it comes wrapped in a light insult. In the first 30 seconds, Montoya says, "You drive a lot of European cars are very precise, and they don't really move, you don't get the excitement of the drive... If you're looking for something that is exciting to drive, that gets your heart pumping pretty fast, doesn't get much better than this. I tell you, I do this for a living and I was stressed."

Semi-snarky Euro attitude and shaky ride-along footage side, the video is worth the watch to see the car being put to use as it should be.

[Chevrolet via YouTube]