You flip your car at high speed in the woods, the car ending up on the passenger side door amidst the trees. If you're a rally driver, your first thought isn't "Oh, wow, I hope we're both OK." It's "Push, push, push!" shouted at the nearby spectators. This is the true spirit of rally.

The footage below comes courtesy of the Canadian Rally Championship, and shows Rally BDC driver Pat Richard and co-driver Alan Ockwell as they roll their Subaru rally car during the 2010 Rallye Baie-des-Chaleurs, which was held July 1-3.

From the video, it looks like the driver simply clipped a bit too much of the corner, climbing the inside bank and sending the car into a brief roll, ending up on the outside of the turn. A simple mistake, and one that has ended many a rally. But not this one. Instead, they right the car with assistance from the crowd and carry on, eventually winning the event.

Well done, gents. Well done.

[Canadian Rally Championship via YouTube]