If you happen to have read our First Drive Review, you know we think the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V is way fun from behind the wheel.

And if you watched the footage from behind the wheel as we took a 2011 CTS-V Coupe around Monticello Motor Club's track (ignore the driver's grimaces, please), you'll have a feel for how it drives and sounds.

The last piece of our CTS-V coverage is a guided tour of the car's technology, or at least the parts under the hood. It comes courtesy of John Rydzewski, assistant chief of the small-block product team within the GM Powertrain group.

He walks us through the many changes that the team made in creating the LSA V-8 engine from the LS3 on which it was based.

Starting at the Eaton supercharger sitting right on top, he discusses the metallurgical modifications that strengthened the engine structure, the tuning and uprating that produced its 556 horsepower, and the suspension upgrades that keep all that power on the ground.

This is "CTS-V 101" in exactly 3 minutes. Give it a watch.

There will be a test.