Last week, we told you how much fun the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe is from behind the wheel in our First Drive Review. Now, we can show you.

This video was shot from inside a CTS-V Coupe we took around the very technical track at Monticello Motor Club, a racetrack that's normally only open to members of this exclusive driver's club.

Courtesy of Cadillac, which had installed video recorders in all the cars, it primarily shows the view through the windshield and the delightful sound of the CTS-V's 556-horsepower supercharged V-8 doing what it does best.

There's also an inset of your editor scowling while he concentrates on not doing anything dumb on an unfamiliar track, along with digital representations of a tachometer with an inset accelerometer and a speedometer with an embedded digital readout.

The first two minutes are waiting around--that's the nature of track runs--so you can skip through them. Action begins at 2:06. You may also note that we bounced off the rev limiter a couple of times while concentrating on the track.

But we kept the Cadillac on the course, and after this lap, we decided we needed we would need 100 or so laps--alone--at Monticello to learn the track and the car properly and have the appropriate amount of fun.

Sadly, Cadillac wasn't up to providing that, so let this serve as just a taste of what we suspect a CTS-V might be capable of.