A week ago we brought you the first images of a Ferrari 458 Italia that had been burned so completely that it literally melted the entire car into a pile of dull white aluminum and steel. Today, photos of the fire in progress show the car as it slowly turns from one work of modern art into another.

Depressing, disturbing, and just plain sad, the images start with the car already mostly engulfed in flames--flames which appear to have started in the same place as a least one other burned Ferrari, right over the driver's side rear fender, in the engine bay. The progression then leads us to a car that's already warping from the heat, to a barely-distinguishable pile of metal in a could of fire and black smoke, and finally to a molten pile of rubble.

Hit up Wrecked Exotics at the link below for more details and photos of the incident.

[Wrecked Exotics]