Ken Block's transition from Subaru to Ford to be able to race not only in the X Games and Rally America competition but also the World Rally Championship has meant a huge boost in the Fiesta's profile as not just a smart little econo-hatch, but as a brutal, all-wheel-drive pint-sized rally monster. According to an interview with the racer and Gymkhana video star, there may be a special Ken Block Edition Fiesta in the works.

The interview comes as the X Games ramp up for their rally-car kickoff this weekend. In the interview, Block talks about why he switched to Ford, his hopes that he can help Ford sell more of the Fiesta, and the future of WRC in the U.S. He also drops a hint that there is a special-edition Fiesta in the works, though he hedges his bets, saying only, "We're discussing those types of things, but there's nothing set in stone at this point."

He does have ideas for the car, apparently, and he's hoping that once his newly-formed association with Ford settles into a less-frenetic pace, they'll be able to work on the idea more seriously. If it does come, we'd expect it to feature a rally-inspired graphics package, no doubt with both Monster and DC branding, and potentially even a body kit and some interior upgrades.

Ford has proven it is serious about associating the Fiesta with rally even beyond its promotion with Block. Just a few weeks ago, the company gave 43 of the Fiesta Movement Euro-spec cars to the Team O'Neil Rally School and setup a Fiesta Rally Experience program to help give young and aspiring rally drivers a jump-start on competition.

We'll likely have to wait until sometime in 2011 before we see a special-edition Fiesta, though if the RS version goes into production and Ford brings it here, that would sure make for an excellent base for modification.

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