BMW M6 Competition

BMW M6 Competition

In what could prove to be the first of many to open in markets where BMW cars are sold, a new showroom dedicated to selling only high-performance BMW M Division cars is about to open its doors for the first time in Singapore.

The showroom has been established by Singapore’s Munich Automobiles together with the BMW M Division and is located at Teban Gardens Crescent. The lineup of cars for sale will include the M3, M6 and X5 M and X6 M models. The current E60 M5 is not among the lineup as production of that car ended earlier this month. The next-generation M5, due for release sometime next year, should eventually join the lineup along with a new M version of the BMW 1-Series.

In a statement, BMW M Division boss Dr Kay Segler explained that the opening of the new showroom is the first step towards broadening the reach of the high-performance M cars to enthusiasts all around the world.

Some of the unique features found in the showroom include an interactive sound wall where customers can listen to the sound of different M engines revving through headphones, as well as a heritage display showcasing historic moments from BMW’s past.

The showroom will officially open its doors to the public on August 2.