Opel Insignia GTC Coupe/Buick Regal Coupe rendering

Opel Insignia GTC Coupe/Buick Regal Coupe rendering

We’ve already seen Opel expand its Insignia lineup with the Hatchback and Sports Tourer, as well as the more recent OPC performance variant, but there’s one more model in the works that’s destined to be the most exciting and extreme. The model in question is a new coupe variant based on 2007’s stunning Gran Turismo Coupe (GTC) concept and if built it leaves the gateway open for the possible launch of a two-door version of the U.S. market Buick Regal.

You see, the Buick Regal is essentially a rebadged Opel Insignia, which means other Insignia variants could possibly make it to the U.S. as well. Earlier this year Buick’s director of design, John Cafaro, suggested that there was definitely a spot in Buick’s lineup for a coupe and a Regal-based two-door could very well be the car we see fill it.

The Insignia coupe isn't expected in Europe until 2013, however, meaning it would wait at least that long before coming to America. One thing that could bode well for its arrival on our shores is that Opel would need to sell 30,000 units each year to make a business case for the car. That would be tough to achieve in Europe alone, but exporting them to the U.S. could bolster their numbers significantly.

This computer generated rendering of a possible Opel Insignia coupe gives us a good indication as to what the new model will likely look like, suggesting the dramatic styling of the original GTC concept will be toned down significantly.

Powertrain options should mirror that of the Insignia/Regal, which means that a high-performance all-wheel drive GS version complete with a 255 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine matched to a six-speed manual could be launched. Just what the doctor ordered to liven up Buick’s image.