The Acura NSX--or Honda, depending on where you live--has long been known as the ‘forgotten supercar’ in the world of exotics. This is mostly because its cutting edge all-aluminum construction meant that it was extremely expensive and its V-6 engine, though fairly high-tech in its day, was still not enough to make the NSX truly fast. Then there was the issue of brand cachet, something neither Honda nor Acura had much of back in 1990 when the NSX was first launched.

Honda knew this so it tasked its F1 driver at the time of development, the legendary Ayrton Senna, to help develop the handling of the NSX. Build quality on the car was also far and above anything offered by Ferrari or Lamborghini, a factor that was a key motivator in forcing the Europeans to upgrade their production methods.

Below is a nice video tribute to both Senna and the NSX created by the guys at FORMAT67.