Ferrari and fire are unfortunately very good friends. The F430 and 599 have had more than their share of incendiary incidents, often with no apparent external cause. Today, it looks like the 458 Italia is ready to pick up the molten mantle, as this image of the newest Prancing Horse on fire in Paris attests.

The story is familiar: driving around Paris, the owner is just minding his own business when he notices a flicker in his rear-view mirror. Suddenly the left rear wheel arch is engulfed in flames. He pulls to the side, and--atypically--encounters an extinguisher-toting pedestrian, who helped him put the fire out and minimize the damage. It may yet be a total loss, however, as the chassis, engine, and other internal elements were no doubt affected by the blaze.

Hit up the link to Autogespot below for more images--but bring a translator. And if you just can't get enough carnage, check out the first wrecked 458 Italia here.