Bugatti announced this week that its latest edition of the Veyron, the 16.4 Super Sport, has broken the land speed record for a production car at 268 mph. I really can't imagine being in a car traveling that fast. Obviously, for some, it's not enough. It's a good thing those brave (or crazy) few have the TranStar Dagger GT to look forward to. It'll top the Veyron's numbers by a rather large margin.

TranStar's target top speed for the Dagger GT is a nice, round 300 mph. So imagine you've found a spot to push your 16.4 Super Sport Veyron to its limit, and you're cruising along at a (manufacturer governed) top speed of 257.9mph, practically breathless with excitement. Now imagine a sleek red mystery machine blows past you, staying in sight just long enough for you to read a couple of digits on its license plate. Pure insanity - but apparently quite possible.

Now hang on, I haven't even given you the specs yet! What does it take to rocket yourself past the world's fastest street cars going full blast? Start with a high-strength steel and carbon fiber chassis for light weight and stiffness. Then, add a 9.4L GM V8 tweaked and [twin]turbocharged by Nelson Racing Engines for mind-boggling power. Like its displacement, the V8's performance figures are huge - 2,000 hp and 2,000 lb-ft of torque!

TranStar has shared some big dreams for the supercar as well. The developers have estimated quarter-mile and 0-60 mph times of 6.7 s and 1.5 s, respectively. We're talking about a street legal top fuel dragster here. They also claim it will be capable of setting new lap records at the famous Nürburgring and Virginia International Raceway circuits. Did I mention the top speed of 300 mph? Mind you, the gas tank will run dry in under six minutes at that speed.

Customers will be able to configure their Dagger GT in one of three ways: race (track only?), sport (street legal - focus on performance), and GT-X (street legal - focus on comfort and luxury). The planned production volume for 2011 is five units, and $450,000 will get you into one. That sounds like a bargain to me, considering its capabilities! Two of these have apparently already been sold, but don't worry, if they run out soon, you'll have ten more chances in 2012.

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