In what may be one of the most fantastic David vs. Goliath pairings of the automotive world (and pretty smart marketing, too), MINI has challenged Porsche to a race--911 Carrera S versus Cooper S. Heads up. Crazy? Maybe.

The date is set: just under two weeks away, on June 21. MINI is even egging Porsche on (or shaming them into it) by offering an e-signature petition that MINI fans can sign, which will then be sent to Porsche. Perhaps even more confusingly, MINI has chosen Road Atlanta, not far from Porsche's U.S. offices, as the venue. The high-speed, flowing track features almost none of the tight and twisty spots you'd expect in a track chosen by MINI to take on a Porsche. The back straight alone--where we hit 150-plus mph in the BMW X6 M--ought to be the nail in the coffin of MINI's chances, but perhaps they know something we don't.

Like the Bob Lutz CTS-V Challenge, however, it's unlikely that Porsche will accept. Why? Best case scenario for Porsche is that the 911 wins, a result that everyone--even most MINI fans--expects. Nothing gained for Porsche, as all they've done is beat a compact hatchback. Worst case scenario, the Cooper S pulls off an upset: major loss for Porsche, as they've just been beaten by a compact hatchback.

We'll keep our eye on it, and you can as well at the video and the Facebook link below. But while the smoke coming off this challenge is thick, we doubt there'll be any fire.