2011 BMW 135i

2011 BMW 135i

BMW is working on a hotter version of the 1-Series that’s due next year and set to wear fabled M badges, but if you can’t wait that long or aren’t prepared to pay the usually steep prices M cars command then British tuner Superchips may have just what you need.

For just $650 Superchips is offering an ECU remap package that boosts output of the BMW 135i by 60 horsepower and 36 pound-feet of torque, bringing final numbers to 360 horsepower and 336 pound-feet. Superchips explains that the changes should "meet the needs of the BMW driving enthusiast who demands a sharper, more exciting drive."

The changes in the remapping program optimize the ignition, fuel and boost settings of the 135i’s twin-turbocharged powertrain in order to arrive at the final numbers. Superchips’ engineers also made the car’s peak torque arrive a whole 1,000 rpm lower than the stock model, aiding acceleration and making the car much more fun to drive around town.

No official performance figures have been released but with an extra 60 horsepower on board, we’re sure the Superchips BMW 135i will be able to beat the stock model’s 5.3 second 0-60 mph time.

The best part? Fuel economy is said to be the same as stock.