Ronin Lotus Exige

Ronin Lotus Exige

Lotus builds some of the finest sports cars in the world in terms of balance, handling and poise, so we’re sure the company’s engineers had never envisaged someone being crazy enough to increase the output of one of its cars to the tune of 550 horsepower by adding both a supercharger and turbocharger.

That’s exactly what a person who goes by the name Ronin did to this Lotus Exige. With a weight penalty of just 75 pounds, yes the highly modified Exige still weights a lithe 2,150 pounds, Ronin managed to add an additional 346 horsepower, a custom wide-bodykit and a host of other performance mods.

Some of the other items include carbon-fiber racing seats and panels, plus full racing gear including telematic hardware.

The best part? The car is now up for sale--just don’t expect much change from $100,000.