2011 Volkswagen Polo Sedan rendering

2011 Volkswagen Polo Sedan rendering

With Ford’s new Fiesta Sedan and Hatchback set to do wonders for the Blue Oval in showrooms, and the very chic Fiat 500 just around the corner, Volkswagen would be smart to accelerate plans to introduce its own sub-compact, the Polo, into the U.S. market.

Volkswagen has previously hinted at bringing the Polo Stateside in the very near future but the process is not going to be so straight foward. The Polo sold in the U.S. will be different to the one already on sale in Europe. Firstly, a new Sedan model will be offered, while the regular Hatchback will also grow in size to suit American tastes. The size difference is due to greater height and a longer wheelbase than other versions of the Polo. The result would be something akin to a cross between a compact minivan and a hatchback.

Pricing is expected to be around the $14,000 and to maximize profits the American versions will likely be produced in Mexico. While an actual launch date hasn’t been penciled in, production will most likely start in early 2011, which means the new Polo could come in as a 2011 model.

Volkswagen’s current smallest car in the U.S. is the Golf, which sits around the middle of the automaker’s global range. The smaller Polo could offer even smaller and more efficient engines, which could also help bring a new premium entry to the small car market while at the same time help Volkswagen meet tougher CAFE standards.

In other the markets the Polo Sedan will be sold as the Vento.