Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

Who's a big girl? Who's a big girl?

That's right! You are, Hayden Panettiere! You are!

Would you like to drive mommy's car? Huh? You would?! Okay then, big girl! Hop up into the driver's seat! Mommy put down a stack of Yellow Pages so you can reach the wheel!

What's that? Oh, that's how we used to find phone numbers.

Huh? Oh: phone numbers are what we used to dial to call people. I know! Can you believe it? Instead of just pressing someone's name on your iPhone, you actually had to tap numbers. Kind of like texting! You would've loved it! But not rotary-dial phones. Those were terrible.

Okay, ready to drive? No, mommy's not going to put the keys in the ignition just yet. But you can pretend! Pretend, Hayden! Drive us home!

You're doing great, honey! When you're making a hard turn to the right, you should probably turn your head to the right, but that's okay. Driving is hard!

Are you pooped? Here, baby, have a juice box and a nap.

Just think: one day, you'll drive a car for real!