Dania Ramirez in a video campaign for the Audi A1

Dania Ramirez in a video campaign for the Audi A1

Justin Timberlake has led a charmed life. He started his career on The New Mickey Mouse Club, where he sang, danced, and generally acted a foo' alongside poptartlets like Brit-Brit and Xtina. Then came 'N SYNC and enough earnings to buy the state of Idaho, including its stock of potatoes. That was followed by a solo career, a tequila (srsly?), and a line of clothing that seems suspiciously okay, given the curses that generally hover over celebrity lines.

Plus, the boy was born in Memphis, so he grew up surrounded by the best ribs on Planet Earth. Damn.

More recently, JT was named brand ambassador for Audi, which is apparently much like being a regular ambassador, but it comes with a stick shift and optional all-wheel drive. And guns. And breaking glass. And Danila Ramirez in some very good shoes. Classy.

We know all that from a new, short action film designed to promote the Audi A1 -- a luxury compact model that may or may not actually arrive in America. The full film won't launch 'till next month (don't let the date at the end of the clip fool you; it's just Europeans being backward), but Audi has been kind enough to post the trailer for your viewing pleasure. We can't say whether the car's any good or not, but based on the clip, we do know that someone really loves The Italian Job.

Word to the wise: when the film does launch, you'd do best to watch it on YouTube. Something on the Audi site has made our browser go crashy-crashy twice in a row. Ail-fay.