• BMW "The Ultimate Drive" app

    Some carmakers would have you believe that it's no longer enough to simply drive around in their product, that driving is now a connected experience and one to share with a wider audience than just your passengers. To this end, BMW's new mobile app, "The Ultimate Drive" lets you discover the best driving roads in over 50 countries, and also rank, comment on and share those roads via social network sites like Facebook, or by email and GPS devices. BMW calls it a social navigation mobile app and it's the product of BMW Financial Services, which also aims to integrate the ability for customers...

  • MINI Connected App
    MINI Connected 'Enhances Driving Fun' With Social Networking

    Cheeky styling and endless personalization options already mark out the MINI as a fun and sociable vehicle, but now a new App from MINI called MINI Connected will give drivers, in MINI's words, "an even more intense experience of limitless driving fun". Normally for this sort of experience you'd be...

  • Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 VCDi turbodiesel (Europe)
    Chevrolet Cruzes To SXSW To Hype MyLink And New Models

    Whip out your backpack and groom your mustache: it's time for America's favorite festival for interactive, film, and music, South by Southwest. And just like last year, Chevrolet will be tagging along with lots of new goods, including Chevy MyLink. The company will also host a shuttle service, a...

  • 2011 Mustang V-6
    Ford Calling Facebook Fans To Name New Performance Package For Mustang V-6

    Ford is developing a new performance package for its 2012 model year Mustang V-6 but it needs your help. The Blue Oval is calling on its Facebook fans, more specifically, the Ford Mustang Facebook community, of which there are more than 940,000 members, to come up with a new name for the...

  • Justin Timberlake in a video campaign for the Audi A1
    SAT Prep: Mark Wahlberg Is To The MINI Cooper As Justin Timberlake Is To The...?

    Justin Timberlake has led a charmed life. He started his career on The New Mickey Mouse Club, where he sang, danced, and generally acted a foo' alongside poptartlets like Brit-Brit and Xtina. Then came 'N SYNC and enough earnings to buy the state of Idaho, including its stock of potatoes. That was...

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