Cheeky styling and endless personalization options already mark out the MINI as a fun and sociable vehicle, but now a new App from MINI called MINI Connected will give drivers, in MINI's words, "an even more intense experience of limitless driving fun".

Normally for this sort of experience you'd be reaching into your pockets for the extra cash to put down on a MINI Cooper S Works, but apps are amazing things these days.

You will need a little extra cash, though. To use the MINI Connected App your MINI needs to be specified with the MINI Visual Boost radio or MINI navigation system, plus the MINI Connected option. You can then connect car and App-equipped iPhone and control some of your phone's functions, including Facebook, Twitter and music through the buttons and screens inside the car.

With the app, your limitless driving fun can now include updating your Twitter or Facebook profile on the move, and playlists controlled at the tips of your fingers. You can even give your MINI its own soundtrack with the Dynamic Music function. This uses a selection of music pieces that adapt to your driving, so if you're pottering around looking for a parking space the music is light and soothing but start driving like you're Ken Block late for an appointment then the tempo increases.

Even more curious is the Mission Control option, which unfortunately doesn't let you unleash a missile strike on the car in front, but does talk to you, offering driving and safety tips based on the driving situation and the vehicle's surroundings. This can range from requests to buckle-up your seatbelt to a verbal warning when you're running low on gas.

Misson Control also incorporates the MINIMALISM Analyzer, which gives you tips on improving the efficiency of your driving. As an incentive, it can even compare data with other MINI owners to subtly scorn you for your leaden right foot.

The MINI Connected App is available to iPhone users, through the Apple App Store.