Tuesday's announcement by Consumer Reports of a "do not buy" rating for the 2010 Lexus GX 460 due to concerns of a risk of rollover under certain conditions stirred up the stewing cauldron of Toyota's recent safety record. But according to a report out of Japan today, the company may already have a fix in hand.

The solution, reported as already in the works by the Nikkei, is to modify the vehicle's electronic stability control system--a simple software update. The report also states that from Toyota's (brief) testing, the RAV4 and Lexus RX (Harrier in its home market) will get the update, too.

While still unofficial--Lexus' latest announcement says they're still testing and evaluating the GX 460--the news could indicate a new corporate attitude from the lessons learned in the sudden acceleration/pedalgate affair. Lexus has already committed to providing a loaner vehicle for any concerned 2010 GX 460 owner until a fix is released.

We'll keep you posted on the fix as it develops.

[Nikkei via The Truth About Cars]