The Ferrari 599 GTO is the Italian marque’s fastest ever road car, which is saying a lot considering its model lineup includes fabled machines like the Enzo and F40 supercars. So it’s not so surprising that Ferrari chose to revive its most hallowed of badges: GTO (Gran Turismo Omologata)--the first time those three letters have been used since the 288 GTO ended production almost a quarter of a century ago.

In the video below, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa tells us about how special the car is, both to Ferrari’s clients as well the company itself. Felisa also mentions the combined effort from suppliers and the 599 FXX program that went into giving the 599 GTO the performance that it has.

As is Ferrari’s policy, every new model comes with the automaker’s latest technology. Thus the 599 GTO is equipped with the latest, second-generation carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo, which are lighter and offer better performance, as well as new aerodynamic innovations, such as the wheel doughnuts which increase aerodynamic efficiency as well as improve brake cooling, and the Supersport tires developed by Michelin.

The 599 GTO will be built in a limited run of just 599 cars and will be available for sale shortly after its debut at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show later this month. For full details on the car, check out our detailed report by clicking here.