Okay, whatever you're doing (and we have some ideas), please stop it. You need to devote your full attention to this clip featuring interviewer extraordinaire Larry King, cruising behind the wheel of a pimped-out 1967 Pontiac Parisienne convertible, owned by none other than the D-O-double-G.

You'll have to watch closely because the segment is ludicrously short (no appearance by Ludacris implied), and there's no audio from the drive -- just Larry droning on from his mike in the studio, with Snoop throwing out some izzle-wizzle to confuse the poor guy. This only goes to show that CNN needs to fire its entire programming team, or at least give them long, menacing looks, because no one on staff paused to consider what everyone else in America did upon viewing the clip, which was: "Dude, why in the hizzell don't these two have their own sitcom?"

Seriously, it could be like Lethal Weapon all over again, but this time, the white guy would be funny, too. (Side note: how would Mel Gibson feel about a remake in which his part was played by a Member of the Tribe? Mull it over and get back to us.)

We can't believe that the folks at CNN didn't pick up on this. Larry, if you're reading, please make the pitch on our behalf -- just save us a 10% cut.

[CNN via Nelson]