What snorts pavement for breakfast, breathes with red-hot 10-cylinder lungs and beats a Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR around Laguna Seca by two seconds? The Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X, of course. With lap times about half as long as the name, the Viper ACR-X is also destined for a very short production run, with the final 25 to be built now underway at Chrysler's Conner Avenue plant.

Yep, just over two dozen Vipers remain to be built before being laid to rest, and all will be ACR-X models. Dodge does hint that another 25 could be built should demand prove strong enough, but even 50 more Vipers will mean just a few more months of operation at most. Rumors that the Viper may return in 2012 persist, though there are no solid plans as yet.

This video shows some great behind-the-scenes footage of where and how the Viper--every Viper ever, actually--is built by the 100-person crew at the Conner Avenue assembly plant.

Alongside the video, Dodge also let slip that, according to CEO Ralph Gilles, the Viper ACR-X has been doing clandestine testing at Laguna Seca and has managed to smash the track record there by two full seconds--a record previously set by the Viper SRT10 ACR.