Back in October, we brought you word of the first reports that Lexus was working on a stripped-down track-day version of the 2011 Lexus LFA supercar. Then in March, several images of the car leaked onto the website along with its new name. Today, Lexus has officially announced that it is launching a new Nurburgring package for the LFA, aimed at hardcore track driving enthusiasts.

The new package is being launched as part of the celebration efforts for the LFA supercar taking on the challenge of the Nurburgring 24 Hours race this May. It has been designed to offer additional aerodynamic features and technical revisions that improve handling and downforce without compromising speed and acceleration.

Greater downforce has been gained through revisions and additions to several of the LFA’s carbon-fiber components, including a larger front spoiler, side fin-type spoilers and a new fixed rear wing.

Maximum power from the mid-front-mounted 4.8-litre V-10 engine has also been increased by 10 horsepower to more than 562 horsepower and gear shifts in the six-speed sequential transmission have been cut to just 0.15 seconds. Thanks to these changes, the 0-62 mph run in the LFA still takes just 3.7 seconds and top speed of 202mph is also maintained. This is in spite of the extra drag created by the new aerodynamic elements.

Handling modifications include sports tuning of the suspension and mesh-type wheels shod with dedicated high-grip tires.

If they wish, customers will be able to take advantage of individual driving instruction on the legendary Nurburgring from one of the the circuits chief instructors. They will also receive a one-year driving pass to the track.