2011 Ford Mustang GT

2011 Ford Mustang GT

Fans of the SVO revival are already mourning, but today Fox News presents us with video evidence of the turbo-four's stillbirth: chief engineer Dave Pericak has stated flat out that there aren't any plans for a four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang. The reason? It's seen as "going backwards."

And he's probably right--the big, relatively heavy 2011 Mustang doesn't seem well-suited to a further reduction in power. On the flip side, the current entry-level V-6 Mustang's 305 horsepower is just a ten-pack short of the previous GT's rating, prompting hope--hope that's now in vain.

On paper, there's not much need for the fuel efficiency bump the turbo four-pot might might provide, either, with the V-6 model scoring 31 mpg when paired with the automatic transmission. In reality, it'll be interesting to see what people actually get from the V-6 in daily use, but the logic at Ford at least hangs together.

Check out the video from Fox News' Gary Gastelu at the link below, and for a complete look at why the Mustang SVO just doesn't make sense, and the alternatives coming from the aftermarket, check out Bengt Halvorson's article here.

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