Wanting what we can't have is a natural state of things, especially among the hot-hatch-loving crowd of Focus fans. The Focus RS, ST and now the soon-to-come RS500 all tantalize with their power, handling, and relative accessibility.

The latest fruit of the forbidden tree boasts 350 horsepower, and what appears to be very taut handling. The teaser video shows the car running a closed course at night, the light howl of the tires and the growl of the engine the only companions to the twisting asphalt. Global Focus, you can't come quickly enough.

Due to be unveiled in five days--oddly timed during the New York Auto Show--the RS500 promises to deliver the best of Mountune's ability to the already solid RS platform. Beyond that, the details are still shrouded in mystery. Hit the link below to see the official teaser site.


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