Jarno Trulli testing the Lotus Evora Cup

Jarno Trulli testing the Lotus Evora Cup

Lotus Racing is back on the F1 grid this year, and it's using Cosworth power to get around the track, but that's not the limit of the Lotus-Cosworth partnership. This week, the company has announced a strategic agreement that will see both race and road products come out of their cooperation.

The first up will be Cosworth-built Toyota racing engines for the Evora Cup race car. It's not yet clear what the road-car fruits of the union will be, but they're sure to be sweet, given Lotus' talent for engineering a chassis and Cosworth's expertise with engines.

“The ties between Lotus and Cosworth are, of course, already historical ones but our new strategic relationship is based purely on Cosworth’s competencies, brand and race engine development capabilities. This new strategic partnership will align two of the most renowned names in the automotive world and will be of huge benefit for both organizations," said Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus.

We'll be looking forward to the first retail products out of the joint Lotus-Cosworth team, but in the mean time, we can watch them get along against the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren and Renault as the F1 season gears up for its first race in Bahrain, March 12-14.