Now drivers (and front-seat passengers) of the regular Cadillac CTS Sedan can experience a little of what CTS-V owners can enjoy thanks to the availability of a Recaro seats option for the 2010 model year. The particular seats are the exact same ones fitted to the high-performance CTS-V and come with 14-way power adjustable settings.

The seats include adjustable back and thigh support for the driver and front-seat passenger, including a seat cushion extender, among the 14 total adjustable elements. The seats are also finished with French-stitched leather, microfiber suede inserts in the center sections of the cushions and seatbacks, as well as heating and cooling functions.

The option will set you back $2,800 and is limited to the Premium and Performance trim levels of the 2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan. Recaro seats will also be available this summer on the new 2011 CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe models.

Recaro is the considered one of the world’s top performance seating manufacturers and has deep experience in motorsports that it applies to its production units. You can now find Recaro seats in everything from mega-dollar supercars to a Mazda Miata.