The Dodge Viper, in many ways a dinosaur of supercar design--no traction control, brutal 8.4-liter V-10 power--is going the way of its kind this year. It may yet come back in 2012, but so far there are no guarantees. But even though the car is going out of production, owners of older models need not fear for parts, as the Viper Club of America has arranged a deal to acquire the parts directly from Dodge's Conner Assembly Plant.

The main focus of the effort is to secure body panels for hard-do-replace and older models like the Viper Competition Coupe, RT/10 and GTS. Viper Club of America is also looking to preserve tooling for these older cars, which have been out of production for eight years.

Parts will be available through Viper Parts of America, available to both Viper Club members and other Viper owners.

Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of the Dodge brand, said, "Through our continued relationship with the Viper Club of America and Viper Parts of America, we want to preserve the Viper heritage for future generations.  This agreement supports that and opens the door for Viper owners to take control of that preservation even after older models are no longer produced.  It is a win-win for everybody involved."

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