Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

We admit, we were a little disappointed to learn that Ford hasn't contributed very heavily to the relief efforts in Haiti. You'd think that the one automaker in Detroit that didn't recently file for bankruptcy might be able to cough up more than two small trucks and $50,000 in matching funds. Hell, even Chrysler gave $100,000 in cash, and they get their money from the Sebring and the freakin' PT Cruiser.

Then again, we understand that even big, profitable, international corporations like Ford have a limited amount of money to give, and they have to pick and choose their causes wisely. Maybe the largest humanitarian disaster in the Western Hemisphere in recent memory simply didn't make the cut. (Note: the ginormous Ford Foundation has contributed over $1,250,000 to the relief efforts in Haiti, but as far as we can tell, that Foundation is now a distant cousin to Ford Motor Company, which has its own Ford Motor Company Fund & Community Services nonprofit.)

None of that is to say that Ford hasn't been giving back to the community that keeps it afloat. For example, Ford's Warriors in Pink program [warning: terrible music ahead] has done commendable work in bringing awareness and dollars to the fight against breast cancer. The program's most recent efforts center around the film Valentine's Day, which we've mentioned a couple of times here at CelebsAndcars.

We haven't been out to see Valentine's Day yet, and if everything goes as planned, we never will, because the reviews are abysmal. In fact, abysmally abysmal. However, the movie is carrying a lot of star power (including Jessica Biel here, as well as Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, and Topher Grace), and that does nothing but good for Warriors in Pink. It will also do some good for the Generation Y-focused 2011 Ford Fiesta -- one of which Ford is giving away in conjunction with the film, probably to someone in the film's Generation Y target demographic.

So, for those keep score at home, Ford earns a 3 on Haiti, a 9 on breast cancer, and a 0 on its taste in movies.