The promo vid shows just how serious a machine the new SV really is

The promo vid shows just how serious a machine the new SV really is

Most carmakers would do their best to hide the fact that a given model has sold just 4,000 copies over its entire 10-year lifespan. Some plants turn out that many in a month--some do it in a week. But Lamborghini isn't most carmakers, and the 4,000th Murcielago marks a major milestone.

The 4,000th Murcielago built is not just any Murci, either--it's an LP 670-4 SuperVeloce, the lightweight, high-powered version of the range-topping supercar, capable of 3.2-second 0-60 runs and good for 670 horsepower from its screaming 6.5-liter V-12 mid-mounted monster. Only 350 of the SV-series Murcielagos are to be built.

The previous V-12 supercar from Lambo--the Diablo--sold just 2,900 units over an 11-year run, making the Murcielago a 38-percent improvement over the Devil's supercar.

Indicative of part of the reason for Lambo's big upswing in sales: the 4,000th car was delivered in China. It's no secret that, despite the global economy's overall situation, China's automarket is growing at a pace not seen in the industry since the Model T's days, and Lamborghini is among the carmakers capitalizing on the nascent market. The Asia-Pacific region is now the final destination for about 25 percent of all Lamborghinis built.

The Murcielago itself is nearing the end of its run, however, and will soon be replaced by a car known for now as the Jota. For more on that car, and what we expect it to look and go like, check out our spy shot coverage here.